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Please be aware that placing any material outside our facilities is considered a violation of Brown County Code and may subject you to a fine.

Chapter 12 of the Brown County Code of Ordinances stipulates:

(b) 1. Unacceptable materials. No person shall throw, deposit, place, or dump any unacceptable materials at any of the Brown County Drop-off Recycling Centers. 2. Recyclables.  No person shall throw, deposit, place, or dump recyclables on the ground at any of the Brown County Drop-off Recycling Centers.

(d) Enforcement. Any violation of any provision of  this section of the County Code by any person, firm, association, corporation or agent, employee or officer, shall be unlawful.  Upon finding that a violation exists, the violator shall forfeit to the county not less than $200 nor more than $400 together with the taxable cost to such action.


Recycling Guidelines

The Tri-County Recycling Facility has been re-designed to include new conveyor belts, a storage silo and a second baler to support the collection of additional plastics and cartons. New recyclable materials being accepted include:BOWRMNew

  • Cartons including juice, milk, egg substitutes, soup, wine, etc.
  • Produce, bakery and deli containers including berry, deli salads, dips, etc.
  • Dairy containers including yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, etc.

Know Before You Throw Videos

Recycling Guidlines Brochure

Recycling Guidlines Poster
Recycling Guidlines Poster (Spanish)
Recycling Guidlines Poster (Hmong)
Tri-County Recycling Website

Recycling Carts

cartBrown County does not provide carts for recycling or garbage collection and we do not collect material. It is the responsibility of your local community.

If you are having problems with collections, please contact your local Public Works Department.

Recycling Information

Brown County is part of a three county regional waste agreement with Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago Counties known as the "BOW". BOW operates a regional single stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Appleton that is one of the largest municipal MRFs in the country. The MRF processes and markets comingled residential and commercial recyclable containers and paper from the partner counties and other northeastern Wisconsin counties. For more about the BOW MRF, check out the Tri-County Recycling videos on the Outagamie County website.

Curbside recycling began in Brown County in 1994 and converted to single stream recycling countywide in 2009.  Single Stream Recycling  (plastics, aluminum, tin cans, glass, and paper) in Brown County collects more than 25,000 tons per year, and has returned more than $3.2 million to customers since 2010.

In 2015, the BOW published the current edition of the Tri-County Recycling Guide which is your source of information on recycling, household hazardous waste, electronics disposal and more!

Recycling Resources


The Brown County Resource Recovery Department is proud to be a member of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW), an association that provides statewide proactive leadership on waste reduction and recycling through education, advocacy, collaboration, programs and services.


RecycleMoreRecycle More Wisconsin, a program of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin, aims to bring together communities across Wisconsin to prevent valuable recyclables from going to waste in our landfills. To achieve this goal we are providing education on the benefits of recycling and the opportunities to recycle at home, work, school, and all public places.

Wisconsin Recycling Markets Directory

Do you have questions about other types of material to recycle? The Wisconsin Recycling Markets Directory (WRMD) at the Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center (SHWEC) provides information about outlets for recycling various materials in Wisconsin. Users can search the list of recyclers for various materials, view information about the recyclers and suggest additional recyclers to include in the listing.



Holiday Recycling

Each year between Thanksgiving and New Year's Americans throw away 25 percent more trash than any other time of year. That works out to be about an extra five million tons going into our landfills! You can do your part to lower that statistic this holiday season by being conscious of what items can and can't be recycled and taking a few steps to 'green' your holiday celebrations. Read our guide to Recycling for the Holidays.

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