What Can I Recycle?

Plastic Paper Steel/Aluminum Glass Recycling Videos


No more wondering if you can recycle sour cream containers, milk cartons or deli containers -Brown County now accepts these types of materials.  The Tri-County Recycling Facility has been re-designed to include new conveyor belts, a storage silo and a second baler to support the collection of additional plastics and cartons.  New recyclable materials being accepted include:

  • Cartons including juice, milk, egg substitutes, soup, wine, etc.
  • Produce, bakery and deli containers including berry, deli salads, dips, etc.
  • Dairy containers including yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, etc.

Even with the expanded recyclables, there are still a few items that can't go in the bin including plastic bags or wrap, motor oil bottles or Styrofoam.



What is single stream recycling? Single stream recycling allows you to put all your recyclable materials into one cart or bin. Paper, glass, steel, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, etc. can be placed into the same bin. No need to separate anything! You still need to rinse your containers and cut your cardboard to size. This service is available to everyone so please contact your local city, town or village to find out how you can take advantage of single stream recycling and if new carts are available.

Recyclable plastic, glass, tin/steel cans and aluminum can be placed curbside in a designated recycling curbside cart. Recycling carts are available by contacting the municipality in which you live. Containers should be rinsed to remove all product from the container. Remove all caps and lids. Plastic caps can be placed in the trash. Metal lids can go into the recycling bin. Flatten boxes to save space and cut down large pieces of cardboard to 3' x 3'.

We are able to recycle many things in Brown County. For more information contact us at (920) 492-4950 or check out the Tri-County Recycling Guide.

Tri-County Recycling Guide (PDF)