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Beyond The Bin

Many people make the mistake of thinking that recycling begins and ends with their recycling bin. Everyone is familiar with recycling plastic container, glass bottles, aluminum & steel cans and paper. We've all been doing it for years, but the truth is our curbside bins are only a small part of what we can do.

Yard Waste

A list of yard waste sites in Brown County that manage organic wastes can be found here. Grass clipping, leaves, branches, brush and other plant material are brought to a central location where the material is composted for use as fertilizer and mulch. These sites may also offer wood chips, sod, black dirt and other materials. Since the sites are typically operated by municipalities there is usually no direct charge to the users. Remember in spring and fall when you rake your leaves that this is recycling and can be taken to a yard waste center!

Food Waste & Organics

Food waste is a type of organic waste that can be separated from your regular garbage. The organic materials we discard are rich in nutrients that are too good to waste. By diverting organics to a compost system and turning the material back into soil as well as generating renewable energy we can keep waste out of landfills and turn it into a resource.

Refuse Recycling

Tires and appliances are common items we rely on every day. Fortunately they have relatively long lives and do not require replacement very often. Brown County offers recycling of these items at its Solid Waste Transfer Station at 3734 W. Mason Street 

or at the South Landfill at 1258 Mill Road.

Electronics, Computers & TVs

Computers and electronics are a growing problem. There are literally millions of obsolete TVs, computers and other electronic devices that have been or will be replaced. Many old electronics are kept in storage because most people don't know what to do with them. As of September 1, 2010 throwing most electronics in the trash is no longer allowed. Disposal of old TVs and computers in the trash is harmful to the environment. These devices contain heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead and contain halogenated flame retardants. Most components in these electronic devices are reusable or recyclable. It's very important to recycle these devices because proper disposal not only saves the environment, but saves precious resources. The Brown County Hazardous Material Recovery Facility accepts all types of electronics for recycling.

Hazardous Material

Hazardous Material is almost entirely recycled or reused if brought to Brown County's Hazardous Material Recovery facility. Steel from paint cans, antifreeze, oil, computers, fluorescent bulbs and batteries are some of the items that are directly recycled or reused. Collected material that is still usable is made available in the facility's Product Exchange Room for residents to take home for free and use in their own projects. Most of the material sent for proper disposal by the Hazardous Material Recovery facility is used in a process called fuel blending. Our hazardous material is burned as a fuel, but at such high temperatures that it is completely destroyed or incinerated.

Used oil is something most do-it-yourselfers know to take to a local collection site. Used oil includes drain oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Collected material that is not contaminated with solvents, dirt and debris can be burned as fuel. If you have your oil changed at a local service station they should already be recycling it.


Just because you can't put an item in your curbside bin doesn't mean there aren't other options available to you. Reuse plastic tubs to store food, toys or nails. Save your unwanted items for a yard sale or list them on E-Bay or Freecycle, donate to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. To be an effective recycler you have to think beyond the bin!


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Waste Transfer Station
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