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Composting yard materials and certain food scraps can provide valuable material for gardens and landscaping while reducing costs for landfilling.


Composting is a simple and natural process where organic waste such as grass clippings, garden waste, fruit & vegetable kitchen scraps are broken down into substance that can be easily absorbed back into the earth. Compost makes excellent natural fertilizer! It can be done in your backyard - check with your local municipality first.

Compost improves soil and plant health, prevents erosion and holds moisture and nutrients in the soil.

Composting Plant.jpg

A compost pile is built to provide the optimum conditions for decomposition to take place. The microorganisms within the compost pile decompose the organic matter. Just like you and I, the microorganisms need air, waste and food to live. Air is added by turning the pile, you add the water and the food comes from the yard waste. The microorganisms need a balanced diet to thrive. It is essential to add the right amounts of carbon (brown material) and nitrogen (green material) in order to have a healthy compost pile.


You can have finished product in as little as six weeks if you provide optimum conditions and turn the pile often. If you choose not to be as active in maintaining your pile it can take up to 24 months to finish. The space needed depends on the volume of organic material you produce. Generally one or two 3' x 3' bins are adequate for the yard waste produced on an average size city lot. Volume will vary with the number of trees you have and the size of your garden.


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