Acceptable Material

The Brown County Food & Organic Waste Program is a Pilot Program. Residents who are collecting food waste & organics from their home may participate in our drop-off program. Participants should register to help us track how many people are using the drop-off sites. To sign-up please use this form and email it to or mail it to Brown County | 2561 S. Broadway | Green Bay, WI 54304. 

Acceptable Materials​​​

  • Food scraps and leftovers

  • Vegetables and fruit peels, pits, rinds, etc.

  • Coffee grounds and filters

  • Paper tea bags and tea leaves

  • Cooked meat, bones, seafood and shells

  • Eggs, cheese and other dairy products

  • Paper towels (no soiled with chemicals or such as cleaning products), tissues and napkins

  • Toothpicks and wood popsicle sticks

  • Paper take-out containers (remove any metal or plastic pieces like staples, handles, etc.)

  • Pizza delivery boxes

  • Breads and other grains

  • Paper with food residue

  • Cotton balls, cotton swabs (made of paper)

  • Dryer lint, hair

  • Bird feed/seed and animal/pet food

Keep our program free of contamination

Please check your material before dropping off organics to make sure they are free of any items from the "NO" list! When in doubt, email or call (920) 492-4950 to check if an item can be brought to our Drop-Off Site.

Unacceptable Materials

Plastic Bags Unacceptable
  • No PLASTIC BAGS of any kind

  • No plastic of any kind (including compostable bags or utensils)

    • No yogurt tubs

    • No cups

  • No Styrofoam

  • No cosmetic products

  • No medication

  • No dental floss

  • No dryer sheets

  • No fabric or rags

  • No granola bar wrappers, chip bags, or plastic/foil candy wrappers

  • No metal including cans, twist ties, foil, silverware, staples, etc.

  • No milk cartons, juice boxes, or any foil-lined cartons

  • No recyclable papers including newspape, cardboard, magazines, office paper

  • No paper with waxy coatings, such as frozen/refrigerated food boxes and wax paper

  • No human or animal waste including diapers, baby wipes, bandages, feminine hygiene products, kitty litter, etc.

  • No whole raw meat (trimmings are okay)

  • No yard waste, branches, garden plants, grass clipping or leaves (take to your local yard waste site)


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Dean Haen | Director
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Mailing Address
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Hazardous Material Recycling


Thurs. noon - 6:00 pm
Sat. 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Extra Curbside Recycling
Mon. - Fri. 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday Following a Holiday*

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Waste Transfer Station
January 1st - March 31st
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Saturday Following a Holiday*

7:00 am - 2:00 pm

Saturday Following New Year's

7:30 am - 2:00 pm

*Observed Holidays



We have received notice from Sanimax, the company collecting all our food waste, that they will no longer be providing organics collection services. This means that we will have to close our Food Waste & Organics Drop-off site. At this time, we don’t have any available options to replace this service though we are continuing to research options with local farms and composting operations.