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Dirty Holiday Tanglers

The TriCounty recycling system loves the Holidays! We especially enjoy regifting – helping turn aluminum and steel cans, plastic containers, and cardboard into new cans, containers, and cardboard.

One aspect of the Holidays we don’t particularly like is hanging lights. Unfortunately, we see lights hanging throughout our facility. We. Don’t. Want. Them.

When lights are hanging in our recycling system it often means potential damage to equipment and operational downtime. They can block compactors, wrap around sorting rollers and get tangled in the wheels of heavy machinery.

This can cause the shutdown of sorting equipment which consequently requires a worker to climb in and cut this material out of the equipment which poses a danger.

Instead, bring your old holiday lights to the Hazardous Material Recovery Facility for FREE through Jan 2021.

Visit browncountyrecycling.org/christmas-lights for more details.

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