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Monthly Challenge: June is Here, Where will You Go This Year?

The weather is warming up and a lot of people are feeling restless to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Some are planning their vacations or just a weekend jaunt to the city. Plan your warm-weather travels with conservation and ways you can reduce waste in mind.

First and foremost, remember the pivotal rule when enjoying natural spaces: if you pack it in, pack it out! This means, anything that you are bringing with you into nature, you must take it out with you, like food wrappers and food scraps, garbage, etc. It is a sign of respect for the place you are visiting and also for the area staff and other visitors. Plan what you are bringing with you and consider zero-waste alternatives (homemade granola in a reusable container vs. packaged granola bars).

When exploring a new city, choose educational experiences and sight-seeing tours over hitting up the tourism shops for souvenirs. Many places now offer online ticketing, so you can avoid making any waste even in tickets or receipts. Visit some restaurant websites before leaving home to find establishments that practice waste-reducing efforts or use locally sourced foods. Several hotel chains now offer "green stay" options, such as reduced housekeeping visits, recycling programs, and eliminating plastic waste by having refillable shampoo and conditioner dispensers.

Planning more of a "stay-cation"? Many cities have free summer concert series that you can enjoy if you want to stay closer to home. Pack yourself a picnic to enjoy instead of relying on on-site vendors (if-applicable).

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